Welcome to the New KY Klips

For my “old friends” who have stopped by to visit, thanks for continuing to follow me on my journey. To the people who are meeting me for the first time in this space, welcome and thank you for joining me in life’s journey. Please bear with me a moment, while I let everyone catch up.
If you do not already follow me on social media in one of its many forms, after reading this please jump over to my About Me page and check it out. If you do follow me, you know that after about a year of active blogging at kyklips.com I dropped off the radar. After dealing with some personal and health issues, which I’ll write more about in the future, I decided to rejoin the blogging world, but no longer owned my domain, so I threw up my hands in frustration and worked on a few other projects.
After much thought and discussion, I have started blogging again here on Word Press. I will soon purchase a domain or a few but for now, I just wanted to get pack on the proverbial horse and start writing again.
For my blogging friends who actively use WordPress, I look forward to your input. I am a Google girl at heart and am anxious to see how this new adventure works out.


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