Why I Named “Ky Klips” — Daily Prompt

When I chose the name for my blog “KY Klips” I wanted something to reflect where I am from, my home, my being born and raised in the bluegrass.  Ok, so technically, I was born in that Hoosier-land across the river, but I was only there for the first few days of my life because I was a high-risk pregnancy….Note that I was high-maintenance from the beginning!  Anywho, back to the point.  I wanted to represent Kentucky with my blog so the first part was easy… KY 

The Klips part came about as a play on words.  When I started reading blogs several years ago, the ones that I actively followed were the frugal blogs.  Yes, I love to use coupons, bargain shop and save money in general, so I was going to be a frugal blogger, right?  Well, I tried and let’s just say I have the utmost amount of respect for my friends like 4 Hats and Frugal, Hip2Save, Family Friendly Frugality, Southern Savers and countless others, but that life was not for me.  As a part time seasonal job turned into a more frequent gig and personal life took some chances I realized that no matter how much I love to save money I do not have the time or desire to constantly monitor and share deals.  I still might share a great bargain here or there or a link to a great coupon or deal site, but it will no longer be the main focus of my blog.  

So as I thought about the blog move and relaunch, I debated about giving my “new” blog  fresh title.  Of course, I have quite a bit invested in the name KY Klips…. Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble, business cards, etc.  People know me by that name, some even more so that my “real name”.  I decided to keep the name with a little different focus.  Klips not only represents coupons but snippets.  That’s what I want to do with this blog in the future, give you, my readers snippets of my life.  Glimpses into why I do what I do, how to do it yourself or maybe even how I can do it better.  I might include stories from my past, dreams for my future, photos, videos, quotes, product reviews, travel logs and more.  You never know that the next Klip from KY will be…..  Stay tuned!



One thought on “Why I Named “Ky Klips” — Daily Prompt

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