Giving Up Clutter & Setting Goals for Lent

Many of my friends both Catholic and Protestant “give up” something as a sacrifice during the Lenten season.  In years past, I have chosen not to do something or to sacrifice something during the 40 day period.  As I was thinking about what I was going to do for this year I noticed a pattern emerging.  Earlier this week I was reading a Fly Lady newsletter; she wrote about the blessing of clearing clutter from your life.  Then, I picked up a magazine (from a few months ago) and this was on the cover…


So, do you see where this is going?  Yup, for Lent I’ve decided to give up clutter.  Everywhere in my house and surroundings there are things…stuff I hold on to thinking I will “need” it someday.  So, for the next 40 days, I actually got inspired and started in my car yesterday, I am giving up the physical junk I am holding on to and focusing on the peace and “good stuff” Christ brings into my life in the process.  Below is a list of goals I have for this period.  I’ll return to this idea on the blog after Easter with a report of what I did and did not accomplish on this list during Lent. 
Janet’s Less Clutter Goals

1) Clean out car interior/trunk
2) Reorganize bedroom closest shelves
3) Clean out floor of bedroom closest//replace shoe rack
4) Sort current season clothes and remove any I do not wear/love
5) Organize/sort “Holiday” closet
6) Clean out Bathroom Closet & Linen Storage
7) Empty outdated/unused items in Kitchen
8) Straighten items on Back Porch (drawers, bench, laundry area)
9) Box VHS tapes for yard sale/give away
10) Remove unused items from Spare Bedroom & reclaim room for photo sorting/scrapbooking/crafting

The above list is the “main things” I hope to accomplish during this time of GIVING UP CLUTTER.

Are you giving up something during Lent?  If you are comment below and we can encourage each to other over the coming days. 


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