Wordless Wednesday: Origami Owl




Ok, this week I can not be totally wordless.  Too much excitement is flowing through my veins about my new business opportunity.  Last night I signed on to be an Independent Designer for Origami Owl.  This process started a few weeks ago when my blogging friend and Twitter pal Sara (@saramomof2) hosted a Twitter party for Robyn, a lady she had met at another blogging event.  As I participated in the party I began thinking about checking out the biz.  Over the next few weeks I prayed about the opportunity.  One day while out shopping my daughter brings me the stuffed owl in the middle photo telling me it would look cute in our kitchen…. The room is purple, but there was not another feathered friend in sight.  As the week went on I received more confirmation that I needed to explore this opportunity.  Last night, I became official…  Linked below are my sales website and my new Facebook page.  If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to comment here or check out my About.Me are for more contact information.  


Janet’s  Origami Owl Facebook Page



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