Coming Soon @KYKlips

When I returned to blogging earlier this year, it was after realizing some things about myself as a writer and a person.  I will never be a “frugal blogger” in the sense of posting every great deal that comes along.  I now know that is not what I want to be.  Sometimes I want to inspire or provoke thought, somedays I just might want to vent.

As the season changes to Spring, I have different projects consuming my time.  I want to continue to reach out at will add Wordless Wednesdays and some other hops here and there but I also realize I need a focus.  So, for the month of April, I am going to attempt to post a daily thought.  It might be a quote, a scripture, a beautiful photo….where-ever my muse leads.  Let me know what you think of this…  Comment, share on Twitter, post on Facebook, +1 me on Google Plus, Stumble something you enjoy.  This will be sort of an experiment to see what moves my readers the most this month.

Also, there are some Giveaway hops I will be participating in coming up soon.  You may have a chance to win some of the beautiful Origami Owl jewelry I am now selling.


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