Why I’m a REAL Mom

As part of the MomPact Mother’s Day celebration, they are asking Moms like me why we are a “real mom”.  Well, here’s my answer.

I’m a REAL mom, because Really, who else would get up for two a m feedings and diaper changes and wear clothes with all manner of human excretion on them.  Yuck!

I’m a REAL mom because Everyone who has ever held a sick child, sat on a cold bathroom floor or woke up in the middle of the night to a feverish crying kid is a mom (even if she didn’t give birth to said child).

I’m a REAL mom because Adding to your family means multiplying your love and dividing your attention, especially if you are the mom.

And finally, I’m a REAL mom because when you take care of children whether they are yours by birth, marriage, adoption or other circumstances, living a Life of caring for kids makes you a REAL Mom.

So, REAL moms are Really Everyone Adding Life…  That’s why I’m a real mom!

I am linking this post to the REAL Moms contest at Mompact.  Click here and you can enter too.


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