Why I’m a REAL Mom

As part of the MomPact Mother’s Day celebration, they are asking Moms like me why we are a “real mom”.  Well, here’s my answer.

I’m a REAL mom, because Really, who else would get up for two a m feedings and diaper changes and wear clothes with all manner of human excretion on them.  Yuck!

I’m a REAL mom because Everyone who has ever held a sick child, sat on a cold bathroom floor or woke up in the middle of the night to a feverish crying kid is a mom (even if she didn’t give birth to said child).

I’m a REAL mom because Adding to your family means multiplying your love and dividing your attention, especially if you are the mom.

And finally, I’m a REAL mom because when you take care of children whether they are yours by birth, marriage, adoption or other circumstances, living a Life of caring for kids makes you a REAL Mom.

So, REAL moms are Really Everyone Adding Life…  That’s why I’m a real mom!

I am linking this post to the REAL Moms contest at Mompact.  Click here and you can enter too.


#FridayFunny – TV Cart

f2f914d152ad9aaa6c7635de5a93d5c2 How true is this?


What else do you remember from your school years?  Do you have memories that stand out when you look back?

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Coming Soon @KYKlips

When I returned to blogging earlier this year, it was after realizing some things about myself as a writer and a person.  I will never be a “frugal blogger” in the sense of posting every great deal that comes along.  I now know that is not what I want to be.  Sometimes I want to inspire or provoke thought, somedays I just might want to vent.

As the season changes to Spring, I have different projects consuming my time.  I want to continue to reach out at will add Wordless Wednesdays and some other hops here and there but I also realize I need a focus.  So, for the month of April, I am going to attempt to post a daily thought.  It might be a quote, a scripture, a beautiful photo….where-ever my muse leads.  Let me know what you think of this…  Comment, share on Twitter, post on Facebook, +1 me on Google Plus, Stumble something you enjoy.  This will be sort of an experiment to see what moves my readers the most this month.

Also, there are some Giveaway hops I will be participating in coming up soon.  You may have a chance to win some of the beautiful Origami Owl jewelry I am now selling.

Because He Lives

Because He Lives

Because He Lives

Beautiful song, beautiful thoughts for this Easter season. May you and yours be blessed Because He Lives!

More Origami Owl Ideas








Origami Owl Lockets





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New SwagBucks Games

For those of you game lovers out there, Swagbucks has totally revamped their Games experience, which you can access at any time by clicking “Play” in the top menu.

My favorite games are Klondike solitaire and Mahjong Dimensions.  Check out the new games and let me know your favorite!


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It’s a pretty fun way to earn free gift cards… If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, click this link to join me and learn firsthand how I get Amazon and Target gift cards for free!

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Wordless Wednesday: Origami Owl




Ok, this week I can not be totally wordless.  Too much excitement is flowing through my veins about my new business opportunity.  Last night I signed on to be an Independent Designer for Origami Owl.  This process started a few weeks ago when my blogging friend and Twitter pal Sara (@saramomof2) hosted a Twitter party for Robyn, a lady she had met at another blogging event.  As I participated in the party I began thinking about checking out the biz.  Over the next few weeks I prayed about the opportunity.  One day while out shopping my daughter brings me the stuffed owl in the middle photo telling me it would look cute in our kitchen…. The room is purple, but there was not another feathered friend in sight.  As the week went on I received more confirmation that I needed to explore this opportunity.  Last night, I became official…  Linked below are my sales website and my new Facebook page.  If anyone has any questions, you are welcome to comment here or check out my About.Me are for more contact information.  


Janet’s  Origami Owl Facebook Page


Wordless Wednesday: Valentines Love